Copan Ruins Video

Nestled in western Honduras are the Maya ruins of Copan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this video, you’ll learn about this incredible site and how its artistic details differentiate it from other Maya cities…Click the link to see the Copan Ruins Video.

When you go:

You’ll want to set aside about 3 hours to explore the main archaeological park, and up to one more hour for the sculpture museum. Spend the extra money and hire one of the friendly guides – who speak a wide variety of languages.

The landscape in Copan is dry and brown in March and April. For lush scenery, visit during the rainy season, particularly in the fall. Rain showers are common in the afternoon, though.

Beat the heat and start your tour when the park opens at 8am.

(This video was filmed at the Copan ruins in July 2009, in conjunction with the Honduras Institute of Tourism,)