Airport for Visitors to the Copan Ruins

A large group of representatives of the prime movers and shakers of Honduras in both the business and political areas of the West, led by the Bishop of the Diocese of Copán, Luis Alfonso Santos, have called upon Congress to help them start building a dream runway in the municipality of Concepción, Copán.

The committee presented their plan to the president of the legislature, Juan Orlando Hernandez Alvarado, and other congressmen.

The plan is for the airfield to be used to develop the entire western region, and to transport tourists to the Copan Ruins archaeological park.

Hernández Alvarado suggested they meet next week with the authorities for Tourism and local Copanecos. After this meeting, he said, “I promise to convene a group of cooperating countries and international lending agencies for advice in terms of construction of the airfield for Copán and the development of western Honduras.”